Shop Mk Americana uses clothing to promote social inclusion, tolerance and camaraderie between international cultures.


I took my first trip overseas as an adult at the age of 22. Since then I was traveling vicariously through the eyes of other creatives on social media. The experience of meeting other global creatives, experiencing international cultures, and sightseeing was so exhilarating to me that it changed my life. As a result, the spark of curiosity that ignited in me, saw the world differently in an amazing way. My desire was to engage with and explore the world one person and culture at a time. I wanted to share this amazing experience with everyone I came across in the hopes that they too would travel and see the world beyond their own communities and countries. It was due to this trip that I started my multimedia company, Mk Americana, and my travel series, Passport Destination. My purpose is to tell stories through various forms of digital media as a means to giving everyday people access to experience this big, beautiful world. 

Mk Americana is a multimedia brand that uses video, photography, and technology and fashion to introduce people to different cultures around the globe. The medium is the message -  whether we use technology, clothing, or media, we use these different forms of expression as canvases to encapsulate and deliver a message of cultural appreciation, camaraderie, and inclusivity. We hope that the clothes that we create reflect that same feeling and energy that I felt at 22 of being an essential part of something so vast and beautiful, and that these clothes encourage those who wear them to explore and embrace the world and all the goodness in it.